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December 10, 2021

Seeds on the Earth

Seeds on the Earth

Falling on Good Soil

I don’t always feel like I have the answers I’m searching for and I often feel as though I’m picking up the pieces on life’s journey. The term “falling short” hits my heart as my error in being human gets old. But falling short reminds me a little of a story and, bare with me, it goes a little like this in my mind . . .

If you would, imagine a field sweeping across a mountainous terrain. The sun barely peeking over the edges of its tallest ridges and shedding light on the small dew drops that kiss the tops of blades on budding spouts. The ground is a harmony of varied types; ranging from stony pathways to grassy knolls and shaded corners underneath ancient olive trees. Birds sweetly sing a morning tune and you can almost hear the bowing of wheat stems echo back in reply as they bend & sway.

A man kissed by the sun almost fits perfectly amongst the terracotta dirt that scuffs under his dusty sandals. Time has many stories to tell in the creases of his laugh lines and wrinkles around his eyes, but there is depth and callus in his hands; proof that these stories have not gone without acts. He carries a cloth sack that drapes perfectly over one shoulder with an opening just within perfect reach of his hand that his elbow nearly requires a bend in order to get what is inside. He pulls out tiny seeds. They fall almost suddenly from his hand as he stretches out his arm.

Walking along a narrow path between immaculate mounds of raised earth, the man – a farmer – sprinkles the seed. Perfectly imperfectly, the seeds begin to scatter from one side of his palm to the other. The direction in which these seeds are falling ensures that they will find their way to pockets of soil, like a womb, without pain-staking being placed one at a time. The farmer needs not worry for days of past labors have ensured a way for the seeds to flourish and find refuge amongst tenderly tilled dirt. May the sun, water, and time be ever on his side.

As the seeds scatter, some hit the hard earth and are trampled under foot. A patient bird flies by and snatches it up. Pity. A joy to the bird, but a harvest that seed shall not bring.

As the farmer continues to make his way across his land, another seeds falls among a rocky terrain. The farmer being well-seasoned in his work knows that the seed will find soil and take root, but not deep enough, thanks to the rocks, for it to thrive beyond the harsh heat & it will surely wither away.

Yet another seed lost to the wayside in his scattering, it falls among some thorns. Surely if a thorny ground can flourish, so can this seed. This seed will grow, but it will be overcome and choked out by the thorns.

The farmer looks back at his work. A single drop of sweat resting atop his brow is the reward from his labor of love today. Scattered clouds settle in and cast shadows and varying hues over his land. He examines the seed that fell among the good soil and feels hope in his heart knowing that it will produce a good harvest. He dusts off his hands the residue of small granules and bends down low to allow a beautiful blend of wet and dry dirt to fall through his grip. Gleefully he knows that his bounty will be plentiful and produce more seed for the years to come.

This story comes from a parable told by Jesus found in the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke – Matthew 13:3-9Mark 4:2-9; and Luke 8:4-8. The parable highlights four different responses to God’s Word.

  1. The Hard Ground. This represents a hardened heart from sin. The sinner hears but does not understand the Word. Satan plucks the message away, keeping the heart dull and preventing the Word from making an impression.
  2. The Stony Ground. The stony ground pictures a man who professes delight with the Word; however, his heart is not changed, and when trouble arises, his so-called faith quickly disappears. 
  3. The Thorny Ground. This depicts one who seems to receive the Word, but whose heart is full of the things of this world that take his time and attention away from the Word, and he ends up having no time for it.
  4. The Good Soil. This portrays the one who hears, understands, and receives the Word—and then allows the Word to accomplish its result in his life.

We are but seeds on the earth; scattered, broken, shaken, and sometimes among the thorns. But our Father in Heaven is a tender of His garden and looks to take us from the thorns and place us in the good soil if we seek Him out for help. The condition of our hearts and the way we live our lives shapes the way we can receive Him and, in turn, harvest in the hearts of others.

Sote – seeds on the earth- to me, is more intimate than just beautiful skincare treatments and aesthetic enhancements. This space allows me to reach women on a level of compassion, community, and fellowship for those seeking someone to listen and speak with. When I say that I am your cheerleader, I am here for you. I pray that I can speak on your heart and be someone you can lean on. May you find rest for your body and your soul in this space. May you come as you are and leave feeling harvested.

May the sun [Son], rain, and time be ever on our side.

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